Bag gloves vs sparring gloves | Which is best for training?





Searching for the best boxing or sparring gloves has become such a daunting task. Every site has a million different pairs of gloves in so many shapes and sizes, but here you are just thinking of the brand you like and getting the color you love...

Bag gloves vs sparring gloves. Best Sparring and Boxing Gloves in the world


Bag gloves vs sparring gloves | Which Is Better?

When searching for new boxing gloves online you will see many different ways to try and sell you a boxing glove...

  • Bag gloves vs sparring gloves
  • Different sizes from 8 oz. gloves to 20 oz. gloves
  • Multiple shapes claiming to optimize protection the best

Then on top of that

  • Different Prices from 20.00 to 500$ and more

When choosing a proper boxing glove, price plays a factor. Any high quality glove is gonna cost over 150$ and that company will not be making multiple gloves to compete with each other. 

Let me explain... Companies like Title, Rival, and Fighting Brand make too many gloves all priced from 100-200$, which is a fair price for decent quality gloves in this market. Each company has 6 gloves in this price range and it's hard to believe they are making the best gloves on earth. All have bag gloves, sparring gloves, and training gloves, and they are all made different. Why? Did all time greats like Muhammad Ali and Sugar Ray Robinson have all those gloves? No, so neither do we.

bag gloves vs sparring gloves

You need the best boxing gloves for sparring and boxing gloves for the heavy bag all in one. Companies like Grant (500$ gloves), Winning (300-400$ gloves), and Cleto Reyes (200$ gloves) make the best and longest lasting gloves in the world, but they might cost too much.


King of Sparring

Our Boxing Gloves at King of Sparring are solely meant to protect your fists when sparring and or hitting the bag.

We want you to be able to pass our equipment down to your kids or to other young fighters, so durability is The Most Important Factor when we designed our gloves.

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Bag Gloves vs Sparring Gloves

This article is to highlight Why The King of Sparring gloves are the best gloves in the world compared to other brands out there and why our glove is the easiest decision to make when buying new gloves.

Bag Gloves vs Sparring/Training Gloves. Why "NO" to Bag Gloves?

Personally we don't recommend buying boxing gloves only made for hitting the punching bag ie. BAG GLOVES.

Why? Because they aren't better than regular sparring gloves in any way!

  1. Usually made out of some sort of foam and without any genuine leather covering.
  2. What companies will say in favor of bag gloves is the gloves are shock absorbent.

The King of Sparring 16 oz are extremely shock absorbent, using Latex Molded Foam as padding. (The best foam, used in Winning Brand Gloves)

Bag gloves just don't have enough practical use needed when training at the gym or the durability needed for everyday use to spend your money on.

We would recommend purchasing sparring or training gloves.

Bag Gloves vs Sparring Gloves

Sparring Gloves vs Bag Gloves. The King of Sparring Gloves are your BEST BET!


Why the 16 oz size?

Smaller sized gloves (8oz-14oz) won't protect your hands like the bigger sized gloves can. They also won't have the flexibility in terms of the different exercises you can use them for, like sparring or live drills.

Gyms and coaches prefer you buy the larger sized gloves for any live situational drills or sparring. The extra weight not only protects your partner, but protects your hands as well and coaches will always pick sparring gloves in the bag gloves vs sparring gloves debate.

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Why King of Sparring? Why listen to us?

We've collectively been in boxing 60 years.

We have knowledge from fighting in the Police Activity Leagues, City Recreation Centers, Pro Gyms, and Professional bouts.

A Master Craftsman, who's been working with leathers and manufacturing gloves and other gear for 40 years.

There are Companies who've Inspired our design, But NOTHING on the market Is as unique and has better features than the King of Sparring Gloves.

King of Sparring only has one shape

  • one size
  • one design

BECAUSE that's what we believe is best for hard punching boxers.

  • A straight glove with a flat back of the hand.
  • A wide hand pocket that snugs tight when you make a fist. Not just bag gloves vs sparring gloves.

Most protection from a glove you're going to see on the market.

Genuine Cowhide Leather

Extra layered latex foam on the knuckle

Extra protection at the tip of the thumb

Extra section of foam placed under the thumb for added safety to your hand.

No Mass Production

We aren't making a bunch of different weights that might sit on our shelves for years before you buy. We aren't creating bag gloves vs sparring gloves. We aren't making a bunch of different shapes, because the straight shape is best to protect your wrist. The gloves knuckle is thicker then most 16 oz. gloves and has a flat surface, to prevent you from any injury.

Our King of Sparring Boxing Gloves are designed for the hardest punching fighters. Designed For the average American Boxer.

The gloves are so supportive that handwraps are not necessary for the product, like what they claim is great about bag gloves in the bag gloves vs sparring gloves debate.

That's where the bag gloves vs sparring gloves go hand in hand at King of Sparring, our gloves have the benefits of both.

King of Sparring Glove Key Features

The shape of the knuckle and hand is very important to us.

Our gloves are made with a almost closed fist, because we believe that the process of closing your fist to make impact leaves space for injury. When your hand is always in a half natural fist you can block and punch with much more ease.

An installed plastic grip bar for what you close your fist around, which is significantly different than the cotton ones you're used to. This makes the King of Sparring's more similar to competition gloves, which are tested and certified based on their impact pressure and overall safety for both fighters. This plastic grip bar makes the King of Sparring gloves very high quality equipment, much more longer lasting, and safer for your hands.

The Lace and Strap Wrist Support Technology is very cool and convenient too, because you now can get that extra tightness most boxers feel they're missing with other brands gloves, especially after they've been broken in.

We added extra extra padding on the wrist to enhance the support and add protection to the fighter, no matter if it's bag gloves vs sparring gloves.

The wrist support is so snug you don't even really need to lace up the gloves.

These Gloves Are Truly A One Of A Kind.

At King of Sparring, fighting is our life. We love the fighters and we want to create the best and coolest equipment in the world. We just love watching two Athletes from totally different worlds, slug it out for pride, glory, or money, it doesn't even matter.

It really is a beautiful thing.


Bag gloves vs. sparring gloves is a no brainer, you want to go with the sparring gloves.

When talking about size, you have to go with at least 16 ounces, while we recommend that weight exactly.

The King of Sparring gloves are the best to choose from, we have the best design for hard punchers, with the plastic grip bar, the flat extra layered knuckles, and the best wrist support on the market, these gloves will leave no doubt you made the right purchase.

So come check out our site and subscribe to our mailing list to be the first to know of any deals, new equipment, and new colors:

King of Sparring Gloves

You never have to guess with us, we will make the best equipment possible, unique for Top Level Boxers in mind.

Thank you for reading my article on bag gloves vs sparring gloves, i hope you found it very informative