How Heavy Are The Right Boxing Gloves?

How Heavy Are Boxing Gloves For The Gym?

Good question. Boxing gloves are made in a variety of different sizes....

Depending on if the gloves are for kids or adults, boxing gloves can range from 4 oz (ounces) to mostly 16 oz in weight... The King of Sparring 16 Oz Gloves

But we've seen gloves as big as 18 oz and 20 oz.

16 Ounces is the correct answer for what you want to use in the gym.

When hitting the punching bag and or participating in any sort of sparring or live drills with a partner, the 16 ounce glove is what gyms usually require. That's what we suggest on the safe side.

What is Sparring?

Sparring is pretty much when you “Throw Down!” at the gym... (LOL)

It is termed as a real fight with a classmate or some sort of live action drill to test moves against an able adversary. (decently skilled opponent)

Why 16 oz is how heavy boxing gloves are?

16 oz boxing gloves protect your hands the best and keep you from injuring anyone too seriously while sparring.

The boxing gloves here are exclusively in 16 oz. (Also, 14 oz for Sparring in Mexico)

Why? Because anything else is not how heavy boxing gloves are or should be. Buying any size besides 14 or 16 ounces is not worth the money, unless used for competition purposes.

Why King of Sparring?

They just feel so much different to anything you can get.

A super important plastic piece we installed is used as the grip bar. Very similar to high end gloves used in competition fights.

What's great about the King of Sparring gloves, is that we gave them a very Professional level or Real Competition feel.

When you put on a pair gloves for a competition, you'll feel you've been there before after wearing the King of Sparring's.

We felt these qualities were not exclusive to how heavy boxing gloves are, so we added the grip bar and a disproportionally thick knuckle pad, with an extra wrist to give that Competition feeling for our fighters. The King of Sparring All Purpose Glove


(Notice the extra pad on the bottom to protect your thumb.)

Only high end boxing gloves bear the extra cost of adding these grip bars. We aren't sure why gloves in our price range don't use this feature, but at King of Sparring we feel it's necessary. Click to see how much boxing gloves are

Also, the King of Sparring Gloves are manufactured with the best Leather and Latex Mold Foam materials available.

The Highest Quality Gear On The Market

Our extra flat punching surface from the gloves naturally closed fist around the plastic grip bar.

So you just can't miss!

That's good for working out, bag work, or sparring!

how heavy are boxing gloves

A Pure Training Glove.

The Best All Purpose Glove.

Every punch feels good, you’ll realize your power, then start really focusing on being a sharper fighter. The flat surface on the back of the hand provides a better shell defense.

The Lace and Strap Design is Underutilized in Today's Market

you can pre tighten the laces, tighten them very tight on your own or with trainer, then wrap them around the gloves. (You can knot together if you choose, I don’t though) 


The ability to strap the gloves way tighter is key, because the design to add laces shrinks the size of the wrist, which is more fitting versus a straps normal wrist girth.

how heavy are boxing gloves

We did this is for maximum wrist support for the hardest punchers, fastest punchers, or both!

This feature does not affect how heavy the King of Sparring Boxing Gloves are, but maybe the cost in creating.

There Is Only 2 King of Sparring gloves (14 and 16 oz)?

These are the best boxing gloves we can make.

We will tell you how heavy our boxing gloves are and how heavy they should be, so there's never any confusion.

They are the best products we can make

Professional and Amateur Boxing?

How heavy are boxing gloves for Professional Boxing?

147 lbs and under is 8 oz.

154 lbs is the 10 oz size for competition.

How heavy are boxing gloves for Amateur Boxing?

Boxing gloves for amateur competitions like the Golden Gloves, Police Activities League events, and other City League events use the 10 or 12 oz size depending if you fighting over or under this 152 lb weight limit.

10 oz for smaller than 152.

12 oz for larger than 152. Age carries no criteria.

Some of the best gloves we have seen and used for competition have the same plastic piece as the King of Sparring gloves.

Now children or young teens use 16 oz boxing gloves just like the adults is what is used for the sparring, for how heavy are boxing gloves for kids.

So, considering the hardcore Pro boxing fanbase into account and even a lot of p4p lists (pound for pound best fighter, best performer overall fighter) is usually a smaller weighted man.

112 or 118 pounds. One of the most compelling weight classes is around 130, so they start young can be the highest levels in the sport is what I’m trying to say...

How heavy are Pro's boxing gloves..

A lot of competitive Professional boxers will use their competition size glove to workout on the bag and hit mitts.

Good strategy if you ask King of Sparring, because that authentic feel is what will help you win fights.

What size boxing gloves should I get? I wrote an article

16 oz boxing gloves are are just more versatile and known to be more durable as well.

The King of Sparring has 14 oz AND 16 oz

We just feel it’s honest to say anything less than 14 or 16 oz has no practical use outside of just hitting the bag or mitts.

For preparing for competition, I understand wanting to get a feel for the lighter gloves, but for some that just go to the gym to hit the bag or train...

King of Sparring

The King of Sparring's Are The Best Gloves For You.

Practicing with a partner, while some might term it as “going light”
is great for learning the sweet science and you’ll need the bigger gloves to not have issues drilling with a partner.

The King of Sparring gloves have the thickest knuckle pad and grip bar that you don’t see in gloves on the market.

The grip bar provides support to feel like a really good competitors glove. In terms of practical use outside of competition like just training, I’d say these gloves are also perfect for developing the punch.

This plastic grip bar can change your whole mentality when striking. Your fundamental punch placement with power and speed.

Real Boxing

In boxing, we learn that fighting is not like what you see on tv.

The difference between boxing and other combat sports, is in boxing we learn its “to hit and not get hit”

The King of Sparring Gloves are wide shaped and stuffed with extra padding just to be used an adequate shield, this feature affects how heavy gloves are, because they give the gloves the correct balance. 

With how good the gloves are at protecting you in training, also your knuckles and other parts of the hand, they are the Definition Training Glove.

Boxing is all about defense and being defensive while striking ie. entering punching range correctly, using jab punches, fake punching, not standing right in front of the opponent, and throwing strikes before getting to a safe position....

All without ever really being in danger.. there’s much to this sport, then when mastered is a very, very lethal fighting style.

King of Sparring definitely promotes and really wants to encourage that style of fighting.

Made for elite sparring by the best Professionals boxers, but was made for maximum protection and durability for all uses.

Thank you for reading my article. How heavy are boxing gloves. Check out our gloves here at