How Much Are Boxing Gloves? Everything You Need To Know

Boxing is the most lethal martial art in terms of being able to damage an opponent. 

When training self defense or fighting, your protective equipment is key because if you get injured then you can't practice or defend yourself in a bad situation. In the sport of boxing glove brands try to create boxing gloves designed specifically for punching hard without injury and effectively blocking punches (defense is key).

In self defense situations, like trouble when out with friends, you can't always get into wrestling matches or even risk throwing a kick. You need punching and boxing skill is critical in being able to do that.

So, How much are boxing gloves?

Good Pairs of 16 Ounce Boxing Gloves, For Either Hitting The Bag Or Sparring Can Go For About 150$ To Over 500$ For A Pair

Here's a pair of the best boxing or sparring gloves for the money.

how much are boxing gloveshow much are boxing gloves

how much are boxing gloves

Finding A Quality Brand

Boxing glove craftsmanship doesn't play a factor in the way they are priced as much as it should be. Most glove brands either don’t really know much about boxing or quite frankly, don't really care. The way certain brands will just mass produce so many different boxing gloves makes it feel they just want to hold a position in the market and make a lot of money. Read what size boxing gloves to get

You need to feel indestructible in boxing gloves. Like you can throw any punch, at any time, to any location on the body without fear of hurting your hand. The material used in manufacturing gloves needs to be the best way you can make a boxing glove, not the 50 ways possible.

At King of Sparring We use all leather material to create our boxing glove and the highest quality mold foam available. The better materials used, with a design solely to protect your hand and provide the best feeling can make boxing gloves last a very long time.

The cost of boxing gloves can be anywhere from 9.99$ to I have seen as much as 600$ for a pair. Nothing on the market is going to be quality under 100$.

How much are boxing gloves


 How Much Are These Boxing Gloves?


Rival boxing gloves are some of the best gloves on the market, the one above from a pair we purchased is used by the best of the best Professional fighters. Made from leather like the King of Sparring glove and also uses high quality foam material. The problem with these boxing gloves is they fail from a durability standpoint. Notice Pics From Below the gloves are torn at the wrist strap and the layer underneath the leather made to protect the gloves from getting water damaged is bubbling or bunching up in certain spots, making it impossible for these gloves to last longer than a year of semi consistent training. The grip bar is made out of a cotton like material and is broken down after our use of them.. How much are these boxing gloves? They have so many different kinds and different shapes of gloves, with different materials used, but their all purposed gloves for punching the bag and sparring are 150$ or so and up.

how much are boxing gloveshow much are boxing gloves

The King of Sparring Gloves are the best boxing gloves on the market..


Our gloves have the most protective measures compared to any other glove brand out on the market. LOOK AND SEE THE COST OF THE KING OF SPARRING GLOVES

Other companies will have multiple gloves out in this price range, proving they aren't actually trying to make the best product.

When you try to be everyone's cup of tea for profit, you will end up making some low quality tea. 

Just look below...


How much are boxing gloves? King of Sparring

The King of Sparring boxing gloves provide the most protection measures, there's an extra layer of foam at the tip of your thumb and padding added underneath to protect the thumb muscle's you have there, and that protruding bone that's also there.

We created a lace up and the strap design, along with extra cushion padding to the wrist, so the gloves can get snug or as tightly fitted as possible. No tape or extra help is needed.

The Grip Bar we are very proud of. Not many companies competing in our price range use it in their products and we feel it's necessary, because quality competition gloves have it and it feels different, but good. 

A cheaper alternative it to use cotton or what feels like toilet or restroom tissue as the grip bar what you close your hand around when wearing the boxing glove. How much are boxing gloves? In the competition gloves and the very high end boxing gloves you will see the plastic grip bar. Companies like Grant and Winning Brand, which are standard in boxing gloves, use the best materials and price their pairs at no less than 300$ online.

We at King of Sparring just feel the grip bar creates leverage in your punch, it helps your fist stay safer, because of how it will force you to hold shape instead of crumble your hand, and the added hand strength they provide will give you an advantage no other glove can.

Our Features Make King Of Sparring The Best On The Market

The thumb protection is one of a kind! The stitched in extra padding under the thumb to protect that muscle and bone that will sometimes gets bruised when sparring is ideal for boxers. The tip of the thumb also has extra padding to prevent any injury hitting the bag or sparring. We know that having the best protective features will long term create a better fighter, then a fair price for how much our boxing gloves are priced, we know we can be the new standard for boxing gloves.

The Shape:

Besides feeling the extra safety features provide the necessary protection, we also have a half closed fist, EXTRA foam on the knuckles and they are positioned in a way so the knuckles are naturally positioned to be first contact point when punching to prevent any injury?

Conclusion: For how much boxing gloves are, King of Sparring Boxing Gloves are the best you can get under 200$. All competing brands create too many gloves and the gloves with the best protection and longevity cost significantly over 200$. The KING OF SPARRING site was made for real boxers, with power and speed, to take over boxing and show there's a better product. Thank you for reading my post and if you do decide to buy King of Sparring gloves, there's a code: How You Live at checkout for 15% percent off.