How Much Do 16 Oz Sparring Gloves Cost?

Before anything, let me ask “how do you use boxing gloves?” If your answer is:


  1. To protect my hands for a long time
  2. Sparring and/or hit the punching bag.


16 oz sparring gloves can range from 19.99$ all the way to 500$ and up.


The best price in terms of quality, we at King of Sparring would say 150$ with shipping. wink wink


How come 150$ is the perfect price for 16 oz sparring gloves cost?

In order to get a great quality leather, the best density foam to cover your knuckles, and shaped efficiently for the art and science of boxing, 150-200$ is the best amount best combination of price and quality.


Here are 3 pairs of high quality 16 oz sparring gloves.

 King of Sparring

The one to the right is the King of Sparring glove, designed for power punching, sparring, and or bag work. CLICK TO SEE HOW MUCH THIS BOXING GLOVE COSTS

 Title Sparring Gloves

The middle glove is a 16 oz. Title sparring glove. Made for sparring and bag work, you’ll mostly see this brands glove priced 50-200$, but these gloves were around 150$, but also with that first order discount Title's website does.


Rival Sparring Gloves

The glove on the far right are Rival’s hook and loop sparring glove. If you watch World Championship boxing then you recognize these gloves. Canadian company, bought from titleboxing website. Rival’s gloves are 1 of 3 gloves you’ll see on television with America’s most well known brand Everlast or another American brand, popular amongst the highest level boxers is Grant boxing gloves.


I own an old pair (not that old) of 50$ Everlast boxing gloves and have bought 2-3 pairs of 16 oz gloves in that price range from Everlast and they just quite frankly just don’t compare to the 3 I’ve shown or else I would’ve.


As I earlier stated, some boxing glove brands price their gloves at 500$ and more, Grant is one of those brands. Owned by Philadelphia native Elvis Grant. You might have seen him in the movie Creed, a sequel to the Rocky movies.


The last brand in most sparring videos on Instagram or Facebook is Winning brand. Made popular in American boxing culture by the undefeated, all time great Floyd Mayweather these gloves have a tricky, confusing ordering process (4-5 authorized Winning websites, many Japanese factories probably create this product), but very magnificent glove at around the 300$ price.


The King of Sparring gloves (16 oz) were designed with great admiration to the Winning gloves, with their overall hand protection and quality in their design.


The grip bar, Winning and all well made competition boxing gloves, manufactured a hard piece of plastic to make a fist around in their products. The King of Sparring glove has this as well, because we feel this makes the glove a better product. It costs more, which is why our competitors don’t have it.


Another part of the King of Sparring glove we focused on was the thumb. To prevent injuries to the thumb, which is a big problem, we installed a pad underneath to protect the Thumb’s Metacarpal and the Trapezium bone.


Also added extra cushion (which is a high quality, hand cut mold foam) to the tip of the thumb. Similarly to Winning’s glove, we also feel this feature gives you ultimate confidence in protection, just like the best Professionals that the King of Sparring gloves can protect you in any moment in the gym.


The problem with Title Boxing gloves, like the ones pictured here with the King of Sparring and Rival gloves is just like the Everlast gloves, they don’t hold up very well and their massive glove selection seems really gimmicky and over the top. (Title also owns Fighting Brand, which makes pretty good gloves, just durability concerns)


The knuckle pad is deformed and the wrist strap is way too big and the Title glove components are way too broken down compared to the Rival boxing glove, which both had the same amount of use for sparring and hitting the punching bag.


The Rival’s are most certainly a good brand, worn in boxing’s highest level contests, but as a customer it gets confusing when you’re looking to purchase gloves online and there’s so many options, too many options. Just like Title Boxing.


You have to first decide the size gloves you want. King of Sparring made an article on how what size boxing glove you should buy. Click here to see this


Then you must decide your knuckle shape preference, an open or closed fist, strap or strings to lace, decide between some gimmicky punching bag only gloves, then after those barriers see there’s any eye catching, or bodacious (flashy, or flamboyant) colors still available.


Are the gloves you chose right? Are they good enough to last and not hurt your hand?

(Hand injuries take longer to heal, because our need to use them for daily life prevents fast rehabilitation)


Can you have the #1 best boxing glove if you make 10 versions of a 16 oz glove?


The King of Sparring gloves makes the best boxing glove. For training on the punching or live sparring.


Like we said before, the grip bar, the thumb, and the shape the King of Sparring glove takes is all to make you a more defensive skilled boxer or stronger puncher.


Keeping your hands up, the golden rule of boxing, and probably fighting in general. Something we agree with 100% at King of Sparring.


For that we gave the glove a half closed shape, because open fist gloves aren’t good for effective punching, and the fully closed fist doesn’t allow you to catch punches off your palms as easy and the close fist prevents the glove’s thick symmetrically cut slab of padding on the back of your hand from acting as a shield.


Flat and wide surface on the back of the King of Sparring gloves knuckle for blocking punches more effectively. The extra cushion in the palm and wrist gives more protection, as well as the snug fit.