Bag gloves vs sparring gloves | What are the best for boxing training?

What type of boxing gloves are right for you? Bag gloves vs sparring gloves vs just training gloves


 In today's boxing glove market purchasing new boxing gloves can be a very daunting task. There are a lot of different glove brands, multiple styles and shapes of gloves, and a variety of types of gloves, you don't know which gloves are the best in your price range.


bag gloves vs sparring gloves


This article will go over the differences and best choice between bag gloves vs sparring gloves vs vs regular training gloves, but also what top selling boxing glove brands online in the 100-150$ price range do that helps them get you to make a purchase.

First, when searching for new boxing gloves on the internet, top selling brands have so many different types or styles of glove:


  1. Using different materials to their gloves, either real leather or fake leather, saving money by putting polyester or cotton material in the palm of the glove, or using latex mold foam vs just couch stuffing. The boxing gloves used by top professional boxers and made by the top brands use the best and thickest leather they can for the highest durability.
  2. Boxing gloves having a variety of uses, like bag gloves vs. sparring gloves vs training gloves. The best gloves have use in every capacity. They should be great for just hitting the punching bag, live situation drills or sparring, or doing mitt work.
  3. Multiple shapes and styles to the gloves; straight or bent shaped , different positions to where the thumb part is, open or closed fist shape, and differences in handling with the grip bar or piping in the palm.
  4. All at different different prices from 30$ to some boxing gloves costing 500$ and more. This article compares gloves in the 100-150$ price range.
  5. Different sizes; 8,10,12,14, 16 oz and even bigger. I wrote an article to help you figure out what size boxing gloves are the best for you.

Check out the best bag gloves vs sparring gloves boxing gloves

Boxing gloves can have a different shape from other gloves and still be a top notch glove, but some of these brands are just making anything, with any title just to get sales. The companies that stick to one style are in our opinion the best gloves on the market.

The best boxing gloves in the market can be used on:

  • The punching bag
  • Sparring
  • Mitt workouts
  • All other boxing workouts in the gym

When choosing a proper boxing glove, price definitely plays a factor.

The best priced, quality boxing gloves for both the punching bag and sparring training usually go for around 150$ price range, a little more or a little less.

Companies that make boxing gloves in the 150$ price range:


    Are these companies really creating their best product? 

    The problem is each company has 6 boxing gloves, all different shapes and varieties, thus making their gloves compete against each other on their websites.

    I find that very confusing, leading to buyers remorse.

    In the bag gloves vs sparring gloves debate, we've already said boxing gloves should have every use in the boxing gym.

    The best all purpose boxing gloves can have different shapes depending on the brand, but made of the most durable materials:

    • Leather made shell or outside material that you see. Should make 100% of the glove
    • Latex molding as the "guts", or insides of the glove

    You need the best boxing gloves for sparring and great boxing gloves for the heavy bag all in one, and they need to last a long time.

    Boxing companies like:

    • Grant Worldwide (500$ pair)
    • Winning (400$ pair)
    • and Cleto Reyes (200$ pair)


    and King of Sparring

    These companies make it their business to make the best quality gloves possible.

    Slightly expensive for someone who's just starting out or is on a less than above average budget. 

    The Boxing Gloves at King of Sparring are the best bang for your buck on the market. They cost less than 150$ per pair and use the best materials for your needs in the gym.


    The King of Sparring Boxing Glove features include:

    • A plastic grip bar piece your hand makes a fist around or piping, provides protection to the hand, feels great, and gives the glove longer use.
    • Added extra padding in the wrist, which is more supportive than top glove brands like Winning and Grant gloves.
    • Knuckle and hand protection using latex mold foam, which is standard in best boxing gloves.
    • Specially made thumb padding underneath and all around the area adds support for less injuries during sparring.
    • Lace up design with a strap that adds a tighter feel, for longer great support and feel to the glove.

    Durability, or longest use is the most important factor and our goal is for our products to last longer than they are supposed, which is why we use the best materials like the thickest leather and latex mold foam.


    Bag gloves vs. sparring gloves

    What's wrong with bag gloves?

    1. They break down too easily from what we've seen.
    2. Made from some sort of rubber material and not a flush surface area, so they can't be used in sparring.
    3.  People in favor of bag gloves say the gloves are shock absorbent, but that wears out over time.
    4. They are not cheap. They cost about the same price as quality boxing gloves in the 100-150$ range.

    Training and sparring boxing gloves have multiple uses in training.

    The 16 oz. boxing glove are the best choice for the boxing gym.

    Bag gloves just don't have the practical use needed when training at the gym or the durability needed for everyday use to actually be worth it for the average consumer or growing fighter.

      Beginners should buy 16 oz. boxing gloves

      1. The smaller ounce boxing gloves (8 oz-12 oz) are the gloves used for amateur or professional boxing competitions and are great if you can afford buying multiple pairs of gloves
      2. Most gyms and coaches prefer or require the larger sized gloves for any live drills or sparring. At least 14 oz, but 16 oz is the standard. The extra weight not only protects your partner, but protects your hands as well, so that's also why we'd choose training or sparring gloves vs bag gloves or competition size gloves.

      We also wrote an article about what the best boxing gloves for beginners

      HERE bag gloves vs sparring gloves

          Why should you choose King of Sparring?

          We have the best pure training glove on earth. Only have one shape, one design, at the moment just one color. Proving we are trying to create our best and only boxing glove or any other products.

          The Lace up and strap wrist support is very beneficial to protection and comfort, also providing long use.

          The added extra padding on the wrist enhances the support, so the new boxing glove feel will last as long as possible.

          There's nothing on the market with the safety in mind and protection to your hands, like King of Sparring.

          Other brands make too many boxing gloves. What features offer the best results?

          The King of Sparring 16 oz. boxing gloves are meant specifically for the best training possible.

          We have experience boxing at all levels, supporting the best fighters in our area

          NOTHING on the market Is as unique or has our features

          These Gloves Are Truly A One Of A Kind.

          bag gloves vs sparring gloves bag gloves vs sparring gloves

          Summary of bag gloves vs sparring gloves

          When trying to pick between bag gloves vs sparring gloves, the choice is obvious.

          All purpose sparring gloves

          When asking what size glove is best for you, your best bet is the 16 oz size.

          Combining the best price, protection, and durability, you have to go with King of Sparring. 

          The plastic grip bar, pad design for hard punchers, and extra support in the wrist makes King of Sparring's boxing glove unique from the market. These gloves no doubt are the right purchase.

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