King of Sparring The Best Boxing Sparring Glove

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Best Boxing Sparring Glove In The World

Competition Level Features

Everyday Feels Like Fight Night

  • The should be Patented King of Sparring Grip Bar installed as grip bar, gives you the best punch
  • Added protective layer to the knuckle to provide confidence in throwing all punches
  • Foam padding added to the tip and the should be Patented extra padding attached underneath the the thumb part to protect a protruding bone and certain muscles on your palm and under thumb
  • A smaller wrist design and a strap with lace feature for maximum level fit to get the tightest feeling
  • Handmade and manufactured from the all cowhide leather make the best boxing sparring glove on the market
  • Flat back of the hand for blocking punches effectively

The Best Boxing And Sparring Gloves

These are the best boxing sparring gloves for heavy punching and fast fighters and top Professional and Amateur Boxers where these gloves.

Boxers are the most lethal fighters on earth. Boxing is defined by the great Floyd Mayweather as hitting, without getting hit.

These gloves were made for hard or speed punching, with a wide, flat back of the hand to provide some of the only defensive design on the market.

This glove will teach you to keep your hands up, because it will feel smart and safe to do so, also the extra layer of protection doesn't benefit your opponent more than the industries standard, so you will still get the needed effect. 

The Products from King of Sparring aim's to be the best high quality boxing gear in the world providing the highest level of protection, most style, and a priced for everyone.