Bag gloves vs sparring gloves | Which is best for boxing training?

Buying boxing gloves has become such a difficult task in today's market...

Too many products with poor quality,

But what's the best glove to buy?

bag gloves vs sparring gloves

rival boxing glove reviews


Jalen Hill 


Bag gloves vs sparring gloves | Which Is Best For You?

When searching for new boxing gloves online you will see many different ways to try and sell you a boxing glove...

Too many different sizes (10 oz., 12 oz., 14 oz., 16 oz., and more) article on sizes

Multiple shapes of boxing glove, straight, curved down, every thumb size, and way's the glove is gripped around the grip bar.

And a million different materials to say their gloves have multiple uses, like bag gloves vs sparring gloves.

All at different Prices from 30$ to 500$. 

A good pair of boxing gloves can be used on the punching bag


Or every other type of workout in the gym.


When choosing a proper boxing glove, price definitely plays a factor.

High quality boxing gloves for both the punching bag and for sparring usually go for 130$ and more. Companies who make these products don't make shaped gloves.

Let me explain... Companies like Title, Rival, and Fighting Brand make too many gloves all priced from 100-200$, which is a fair price for fair quality boxing gloves in this market. We wrote an article about the cost of boxing gloves here.

The problem is each company has 6 gloves in that price range, thus making their gloves compete against each other? Are they really creating their best product?


Rival boxing glove reviewsTitle boxing glove reviews

bag gloves vs sparring gloves

You need the best boxing gloves for sparring and great boxing gloves for the heavy bag all in one,

But they need to last a long time.

Companies like Grant (500$ gloves), Winning (300-400$ gloves), and Cleto Reyes (200$ gloves) make the best and the longest lasting gloves in the world, but they might cost too much for anyone that can't write off the expense (Professional Boxers). What glove is available today that can accomplish as much as these brands as far as protection? We wrote about how much boxing gloves cost here


King of Sparring

The Boxing Gloves at King of Sparring are no pun intended, the best bang for your buck on the market.

Our Only Glove!

The Best Overall Boxing Glove We Can Make

A hard Grip Bar piece that provides protection to the hand and longevity in the glove

Added black layer of protection under a latex mold foam, which is standard in high quality gloves

Extra thumb protection all around with a specially made protective layer underneath

Flat back of the hand surface for blocking punches more effectively

We created the ultimate boxing glove for you to be able to pass our gear down to your kids or to other young fighters. Durability is The Most Important Factor in all our products, so we can beat any durability concerns or if you need bag gloves vs sparring gloves.

Bag Gloves vs Sparring Gloves


Bag Gloves vs Sparring/Training Gloves. Why are we "NO" to Bag Gloves?

Because they break down easily, they don't provide added protection, and plus they aren't cheap!

  1. Made from of some heavy set foam and without any real leather material.
  2.  People in favor of bag gloves say the gloves are shock absorbent, but that doesn't last.

Get real boxing gloves for training, The King of Sparring 16 oz are extremely protective, using Latex Molded Foam as padding. 

Punching bag only gloves don't have the practical use needed when training at the gym or the durability needed for everyday use to actually be worth it.


Bag Gloves vs Sparring Gloves


Why the 16 oz size?

Smaller sized gloves (8oz-14oz) don't protect your hands like bigger sized gloves can and they won't have the same use, like in terms of being able to do any boxing lesson, you won't get the benefit of full contact protection.

Most gyms and coaches prefer the larger sized gloves for any live drills or sparring. The extra weight not only protects your partner, but protects your hands as well, so that's also why we'd choose training or sparring gloves in any bag gloves vs sparring gloves confusion.

We wrote an article on how heavy boxing gloves are here

Why buy King of Sparring?

We want to have the best pure training glove on earth. We only have one shape, one design, at the moment just one color.

Proving we are creating our best and only boxing glove or product.

To find a manufacturer that either would or could follow our designs was certainly challenging, but we can guarantee there's nothing on the market with the safety in mind and protection like ours.

Many glove brands are trying to charge customers more the same products, or having the same products for years and without updating their design or quality.

Every product at King of Sparring will be one of the highest quality products on the market, even at a reasonable price.

We've collectively been in boxing for 60 years.

We have knowledge from fighting in every event, the Police Activity Leagues, City Recreation Centers, Pro Gyms, and Professional bouts.

Our manufacturer is a Master Craftsman who's family has been working with leather, many fabrics, and all designs for many, many years. 

NOTHING on the market Is as unique or has our features

bag gloves vs sparring gloves

King of Sparring Gloves.

BECAUSE that's what we believe is best for hard punching boxers.

The Lace and Strap Wrist Support is very beneficial to protection and comfort.

We added extra extra padding on the wrist to enhance the support, so you can get them much tighter than needed.

These Gloves Are Truly A One Of A Kind.



Bag gloves vs. sparring gloves is a no brainer, you want to go with the sparring gloves.

When talking about size, you have to go with at least 16 ounces, while we recommend that weight exactly.

The King of Sparring gloves are the best to choose from, we have the best design for hard punchers, with the plastic grip bar, the flat extra layered knuckles, and the best wrist support on the market, these gloves will leave no doubt you made the right purchase. Compare our gloves with what you see on and you'll see why we make the best gloves.

So come check out our site and subscribe to our mailing list to be the first to know of any deals, new colors, and any new equipment:

King of Sparring Gloves