What are the best sparring gloves in boxing?

what are the best sparring gloves?what are the best sparring gloves in boxingwhat are the best sparring gloves in boxing

KingofSparring.com The best sparring glove in boxing

What are the best sparring gloves in boxing that aren't going to cost you an arm and a leg? Which company creates the best "bang" for your buck with boxing gloves?

At King of Sparring, we have extensive knowledge in boxing glove quality, as fighting is our passion. We've made a review summarizing what's the best boxing gloves in boxing below. Enjoy!

What Are The Best Sparring Gloves In Boxing?

 Winning Brand Review

Winning Brand is very highly touted and worn by most Professional boxers for training purposes in sparring. Fighters like Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao wear these gloves when they are getting ready for a fight.

The Winning boxing glove can cost over 300$ from numerous sites online. Some sites can be perceived as being untrustworthy, due to their 90's themed, old school website.

The glove is manufactured in the very high end market of Japan, where as you may know is the same country Phil Knight (Nike Founder) got his inspiration to design athletic shoes. The extreme care the Japanese use in the creation of their products are a big reason why Winning Brand is one of the best sparring gloves in boxing.

Winning brand boxing gloves are undoubtably the top glove for Pro boxers getting ready for a fight, as they have a great fit to them, good protection on the knuckle and insane innovation in the way they protect the thumb. They have a small plastic like grip bar that won't break down after long use, but the 300$ price tag plus shipping makes you feel there might be a similar solution out there, but at a much more fairer price.

Grant Worldwide Boxing Gloves

A Legendary American glove brand founded in Philadelphia, PA. You might have seen the Grant founder, Elvis Grant make a cameo in the movie Creed which is a continuation or remake to the very entertaining Rocky movies. 

Like Winning Brand, Grant Worldwide boxing gloves are the choice for most Championship caliber Pro boxers, but the fighters mostly just use them in the actual Championship bout, so their gloves usually come in 8, 10, or 12 oz.

The 16 oz Grant boxing gloves you will need for the gym or sparring are beautiful works of art, but will cost you close to 850$ for a pair. The only place we could find to have them in stock was a mmafightshop.com.

Otherwise, Grant Worldwide's Facebook page will have only generic Pro Fight gloves, but you will have to email the company for anything custom or a pair of 16 oz boxing gloves.

Rival Boxing Gloves Review

We did an in depth review on rival, because they are a big time glove in gyms around the world, because of their price within a range the average fighter can afford. Rival glove brand, main office located in Canada and just like Winning and Grant, are worn by a lot of great fighters, for sparring and Championship level fights.

We've owned pairs of Rival boxing gloves and felt they were a fairly decent boxing gloves for the 150$ price. There were minor breakdown's in their product as the wrist strap couldn't keep hold and there is some breakdown on the knuckle (normal), but we felt they held up almost nearly as good as Winning Brand, besides the strap and they don't use the same quality hard grip bar as Winning and after heavy use Rivals grip bar had been completely broken down.

 What are the best sparring gloves in boxingwhat are the sparring gloves in boxingwhat are the best sparring gloves in boxing

When purchasing Rival gloves online, it becomes very confused as what to buy, because it is difficult to choose between all the selections the company has, like..

Do you need bag gloves or sparring gloves?

What design? What size?

What's the best material, so my gloves can last forever?

There's too many choices to even strap your gloves

All anyone wants is the best quality boxing glove and to get a good deal. 

Unless you're a pro fighter, you should always buy 16 oz sparring or training gloves. What are the best sparring gloves in boxing? A glove that uses only the best materials and stands on one design, like Winning and Grant brands.

King Of Sparring | The Best Sparring Glove In Boxing

At King of Sparring, fighting is our life. We created this brand, because nobody understands how tough and cool real fighters are like we do. 

Manufacturing expensive boxing gloves that have little to no hand protection, being held together with cheap materials, and the same designs like everyone else just wasn't our goal.


The King of Sparring gloves shape was inspired by protective designs, like Winning Brand and Grant Worldwide.

We then added extra safety features for Hard Punching fighters. While still trying to be innovative, we kept the classic shape that separates pure boxing gloves, from let's say muay thai and MMA sparring gloves. 

A larger designed hard grip bar than Winning, but very similar in designed, just like the extra protection added to the thumb, King of Sparring took it one step farther and added the extra cushioning underneath the thumb.

A half closed hand and extra black pad added, so the glove never gets loose on the back of your hand after heavy use.

We felt fit was a huge problem in boxing gloves. The King of Sparring team came up with using a lace up boxing gloves smaller wrist design, with a strap as well. We want the glove to last you long enough to pass it down to a family member or another young fighter.



To recap the article, Winning brand and Grant Worldwide are definition of making the finest boxing gloves, but are they charging you too much? I wrote an article about how much boxing gloves cost here. King of Sparring, like Rival wants to sell you a boxing glove at a more fair price near the 150$ dollar range, but Rival isn't trying to make the best sparring glove in boxing. Rival is trying to sell you many boxing gloves that one pair of boxing gloves can accomplish. King of Sparring wants to have the best sparring glove in boxing, at the fairest price.