16 oz Title boxing gloves vs king of sparring boxing gloves

King of Sparring Boxing Gloves Vs. 16 Oz Title Boxing Gloves

King of Sparring Boxing Gloves Vs. 16 Oz Title Boxing Gloves.

16 oz Title Boxing Gloves are a pretty well known boxing brand in the United States and in countries around the world.

When you search "boxing gloves" on google, 9 times out of 10 Title boxing is going to be in the top of the search results.

Here's my question,

Are 16 oz Title Boxing Gloves any good?

In this article I want to compare Title boxing as a company to other boxing glove companies around the world and to King of Sparring.

Are 16 oz Title Boxing Gloves any good? Well here are some pictures of a 3 year old pair after only 1 year of use.

16 oz title boxing gloves vs king of sparring16 oz title boxing gloves vs king of sparring16 oz title boxing gloves vs king of sparring16 oz title boxing gloves vs king of sparring

  • This product cost 180$, but I had the discount from being a first time buyer. (I used a new email for the discount)
  • The knuckle is obliterated, the stuffing has been pushed to the side causing mostly pain to sparring partners, we call it glove-gate.
  • The wrist strap doesn't hold anymore.
  • The leather is breaking apart.

The 16 oz Title Boxing Gloves were very nice when they were new, but at this point are more harm than good. Besides the USA colors these boxing gloves don't have much more use.



    16 Oz Blue Lace Up Boxing Sparring Gloves

    The boxing gloves at King of Sparring were designed to match some of the best boxing gloves on earth.

    Winning Brand, Grant Worldwide, and Cleto Reyes are the boxing gloves inspire King of Sparring's designs. Only difference is we're made for the best, hardest punching fighters on earth.

    Key Features:

    • We use strap and laces to give boxing gloves that ultra tight support boxers need
    • The grip bar is made from a solid piece, not foam. This helps the gloves durability and prevents hand injuries.
    • Extra Foam Padding, the foam padding on the inside of the thumb, on palm, and wrist gives extra protection, support, and durability to fighters.

    Winning products retail for 300$+, the websites to order from are slightly worrisome, and could take months to get. I will admit these gloves are the standard for sparring gloves. They also make competition gloves that aren't as popular, but are very good too.

    Grant Worldwide is an American company as is King of Sparring, but unlike Winning Brand which is made in Japan. You won't see Grant Worldwide sparring gloves around too often and they cost about 500$. Their competition gloves are very popular at all levels of professional competition. You will see them in every World Championship fight for like 500$ for a basic non custom pair, I'm sure their custom gloves are thousands. 

    Cleto Reyes boxing gloves are a Mexican glove brand that has a very cool shape and style of leather, costing comparatively to the 16 oz title boxing gloves and  King of Sparring's gloves at 190$ a pair. King of Sparring costs under 150$ for a pair of boxing gloves.

    100-200$ Price Range

    King of Sparring, Title Boxing, and Cleto Reyes are 3 of I'd say 6 reputable glove brands.. The other 2 are Rival boxing gloves, Fighting boxing gloves, and Title boxing gloves.

    1. King of Sparring-  Out of the 6 brands I'm going to list King of Sparring is the newest and probably least well known, but use the best quality material and are custom made, not mass produced. King of Sparring gloves use a hard piece of material to grip your hand around when making a fist, like Winning Brand, but unlike any other glove on the list.
    2. Cleto Reyes- Used by Professional Boxers at the World Championship level. These gloves have changed a lot throughout the years for whatever reason. They used to be arguably the best gloves on earth Made in Mexico, but over recent years seem to be made somewhere in Asia and use the same colors and designs they always have. In my personal opinion their competition gloves are still top level, but their 16 oz sparring gloves seem to have fallen off a bit in quality. Priced at around 200$, Cleto Reyes' sparring gloves are the highest priced gloves in this range, but still have that reputable name people still want. You can order these gloves from Title boxing's website.
    3. Fighting Brand- A glove you can only buy on Title's website this is the competitive version of Title's brand, which I guess doesn't really make sense. Most fighters like the gloves, but their quality isn't right. Fighting gloves break down fast from what I've seen and personal experience, but they feel good brand new and are only around 100$. 
    4. Everlast- Everlast boxing gloves are obviously the most well known glove brand in the world. I feel like everyone has at least seen these gloves before, if not have worn them. They are owned by a big conglomerate brand in the UK, so they aren't that great anymore. Very cheaply made, but you can get them for 50$ or so. I don't personally recommend, unless for competition and then you need them with the horsehair as the knuckle protection.
    5. Title Boxing-  Title boxing the Kings of google. They offer deals for 1st time customers and they have too many designs to count. I don't like buying their gloves, because I feel like they're not for high level boxers and I don't how many options they have which always gives me buyers remorse. They're all the same glove so paying over 100$ is a bit ridiculous. I have a pair that I showed above and they cost 180$, little brother got me for xmas and that's their most expensive pair. I used to compete, train, or spar every day and this pair of gloves lasted 6 months before the knuckle pad disintegrated. 


    King of Sparring Boxing Gloves Vs. 16 Oz Title Boxing Gloves


    In conclusion, if you're comparing gloves under 200$ I'd say give King of Sparring a try. 

    The grip bar and the extra cushion is better than any glove in that range for serious boxers. Cleto Reyes gloves look good and they've been worn by some of the greatest Mexican fighters or any national fighter who ever lived, so I could see why you would want them more.

    To compare King of Sparring with Title or Everlast is an insult to me. Our gloves last way longer and have way better materials, but not as many colors or different designs. Fighting gloves are very good, but just can't last long enough and Title having a competition brand glove just doesn't sit right with me. 

    So go to the King of Sparring website and check our products out! Customer satisfaction is guaranteed or we'll make it right. Thank you for reading my article on comparing King of Sparring boxing gloves vs the 16 oz Title boxing gloves, I wish you all good luck in your training and your fights!










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