What Size Boxing Gloves Should I Get? Boxer? Or Just Training?

What Size Boxing Gloves Should I Get? Boxer? Or Just Training?

What Size Boxing Gloves Should I get?

What size boxing gloves should i get?

That's a very good question for anyone starting out in boxing or just getting back in shape.

Well, what are your boxing goals? 

Are you a fighter? Just learning or trying to get back in shape?

Either way, you do not want to look like these bloody gentleman...

So Get The Right Gloves!

But what are the right boxing gloves?... King of Sparring Gloves

Next, I would say is find a pair that fits in your price range...

The picture above are 3 boxing gloves, The King of Sparring gloves, Title's premium boxing glove, and Rivals top of the line sparring glove back in 2017. They are all priced around 150$. Any decent pair of boxing gloves are going to cost anywhere from 125$ and some of the highest rated gloves sell for 400-500$.

What size boxing gloves should I get?

At King of Sparring, we recommend the 16 Oz. Boxing Gloves.

16 oz., because the 16 oz. size is just more conducive towards a boxer's fitness, fighting, and safety goals.

In boxing gyms or other martial arts gyms, whether it's muay thai or mma (mixed martial arts) the 16 oz. gloves can be used for all sparring or live situational drills, because that's just what coaches have always used

Getting any sort of bag or mitt work the 16 oz. will be your best friend. These gloves are thicker, giving you significantly more protection overall than the smaller weighted gloves. For fitness purposes there's no strength gained by using the lightest gloves you can find. You're more likely to hurt your hands or hurt someone in training.

The King of Sparring Gloves are the best boxing glove out and we have one of the better prices on the market.

For Starters, we only have 1 shaped boxing glove, 1 design, proving we are making our best glove.

There's this plastic piece installed as the grip bar to be like competition gloves, so when your training you get the most ideal feeling.

Other brands(check out titleboxing.com) will use some sort of cotton filling that is just for show and has no significant purpose, the plastic piece the King of Sparring Gloves have won't break down and prevent injury.

Our gloves are made to resemble competition gloves as much as possible, so we are using the best materials, the grip bar piece, made from fresh genuine leather, and the best latex mold material. Also, that extra thumb protection is only in King of Sparring gloves.

AGAIN though, What size boxing gloves should I get?

The 16 oz. size boxing glove is best for protection of your hands, especially the pair at King of Sparring.

Extra layer to the latex mold foam to add thickness to the knuckle pad.

The tip of your thumb was also developed to provide maximum protection.

The proper material used for creating gloves is latex mold. Other companies will use the cheaper foam that resembles what would go inside a couch or car seat. That is not very conducive to keeping your hands safe in our opinion.

What size boxing gloves should I get?

Extra extra padding is also added in the wrist for the King of Sparring Glove, so you definitely aren't required to wear handwraps with these gloves. Also, the Lace Up with the Strap is very key to our product, so they fit extra tight. 

The lace up and strap design we feel is very important not only to our design but to function, because after long periods of use your gloves won't become loose and worn, needing to add tape to tighten and get back to hard work. We came up with this along with adding extra padding in the wrist and palm, so these gloves can be used at a maximum performance level without sacrificing any time, effort, or needing anyone's help getting strapped up.

The Shape of our gloves are made in a fist specifically for design, with an extra wide hand pocket so when you make a full fist (around the plastic grip bar we have exclusively, to mimic competition gloves) your pinky and index finger will be protected better.

We have extra protection added to the tip of the thumb and extra padding sewn in under the thumb. We feel during sparring you hurt your thumb and still have to keep fighting. This way you can reserve any pain for competition.  The Most Protective Gloves In The World. Click here to see.

Really a beautiful glove

What size boxing glove should I get?

We created this glove because we felt like the world and especially the United States needed a new boxing glove.

You look online for other gloves and we feel it's super confusing to find something easy to choose based on all their other options. We have 1 glove and we wanna say it's the best glove in the world in the world.

We are fighters and we felt like the only gloves you could get that were really high level and quality are going to be 300-500$. And really it's only 2 brands that we're referring to.

Those other few brands are our direct competitors. 

The other brands... No

It's not about creating the best product for these companies, they have multiple gloves all claiming to do I'm not even sure what exactly

Our gloves at King of Sparring protect your hands the best.

What size boxing gloves should I get?

These Companies have multiple sizes, multiple colors.

How long have these gloves been waiting in a warehouse for you to buy?

How old are the designs you are buying?

Do they smell wet and waterlogged?

Did your dad or uncle wear the same styles they are trying to sell back to you?

Nothing with King of Sparring was made for mass production. Everything is carefully designed and vetted to ensure when you buy from us the cost will be worth it. 

So just to recap, What size boxing gloves should I get?

BUY The King of Sparring 16 Oz. Boxing Gloves

Plastic Grip Bar, Extra Knuckle Padding, And Snug Wrist Design Make It The Best Glove On The Market Today.

And For Fighters.. Before You Can Be Champion.. You Have to Be King of Sparring.