What are the best boxing gloves for beginners?

What are the best boxing gloves for beginners

The Sweet Science of boxing is the art of punching your opponent and not getting punched back in return. In a street fight or a self defense situation, be very glad if you know how to box.


What Are The Best Boxing Gloves For Beginners

You started boxing because you wanted to learn how to fight, simply put.

Boxing is the most popular martial art in the world for a reason, it's meant for men or women, big or small. The skills you learn in boxing teaches you to handle any situation to your advantage and at the end of the day, you can become very lethal.

Boxing gloves are supposed to PROTECT YOUR HANDS, whether they are designed for a professional fighter or a young lad on his first day at boxing classes, the standard for good quality equipment stays the same. 



The King of Sparring 16 oz. boxing glove 


 The best boxing gloves for beginners

Check Out The King of Sparring Boxing Sparring Gloves

The King of Sparring boxing glove takes more safety measures to protect your hands than any other boxing or sparring glove in the 100-150$ price range.

  •  We all know that a great pair of boxing gloves needs to protect your hands, throwing any punch on the bag or to the head and body in training.
  • At the same time they need to last forever, let's assume boxing brands make the best gloves for punching and blocking.

Trying to find the best boxing gloves for beginners can be challenging when you're just getting started and don't know the sport yet.

We've made a list of boxing gloves that we've used over the years for sparring and bag work, describing the pros/cons of some of the top brands in boxing. Below.

    The King of Sparring glove shape is inspired by a very classic design. Mostly our focus has been on creating adequate protective features for our customers, so we can stand with the best brands in the industry, like Winning Brand and Grant Worldwide. 

    The King of Sparring Special protective features include

    1. The grip bar on the King of Sparring gloves, which are normally small foam stick shaped pieces that you squeeze around to make a fist when wearing a glove is a plastic bar piece, very similar to top level fight gloves, like Winning  Brand's 16 oz. glove.
    2. Extra padded cushioning surrounding the gloves wrist, with laces and a strap up design for maximum support and durability.
    3. Extra padded thumb underneath on palm of hand and tip of thumb finger. 

    The King of Sparring's are the best boxing gloves for beginners trying to enter the sport and are also great for highest level boxers. The price range King of Sparring is in (around 150$ plus shipping) and below is the market for most novice boxers. You probably know companies like Title Boxing and Rival and they make so many boxing gloves it's hard deciding which ones are the best. The most expensive?

    Now, what size? What kind of foam is the padding? Do you need bag gloves or training gloves?

    Boxing gloves from brands like Winning Brand and Grant Worldwide are too expensive for most, besides professional fighters like Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor. These companies only have one design for their boxing glove, with a price at around 400$.

    King of Sparring follows that same model, so our best design is what you're gonna get.

    The laces with the strap up is unlike anything you're gonna find on google. You can get the gloves tighter than any other boxing glove on the market and that's a guarantee.

    Winning Brand 16 oz. boxing glove

    Winning Brand is highest touted and most worn boxing glove by most world class level professional boxers for training purposes in sparring. As stated, fighters like Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao wear these gloves when training.

    Finding a pair of 16 oz. (sparring size) Winning Brand gloves is very difficult. There are multiple sites that sell the product and nothing about the transaction seems secure. The glove is manufactured in the very high end market of Japan, the same country Phil Knight (Nike Founder) found inspiration to design running shoes. The extreme care used is a big reason why these are the top gloves in boxing.

    1. Good protection on the knuckle and innovation in the thumb protection is one of a kind. Very safe to throw any punch.
    2. They have a small plastic like grip bar that won't break down after long use, just like the King of Sparring glove.
    The 400$ price tag plus shipping makes you wonder if these are the best boxing gloves for beginners.

    Grant Worldwide boxing gloves

    A legendary American boxing gloves brand, Grant Worldwide was founded in Philadelphia, PA and the founder and owner Elvis Grant made a brief appearance in the movie Creed which is a continuation or remake to the very entertaining movie series Rocky.

    1. Like Winning Brand, Grant Worldwide brand are the choice for most championship level pro boxers, but are actually known more for being worn in a fight vs. being used in training or sparring.
    2. The 16 oz. Grant Worldwide boxing gloves like King of Sparring gloves can only be found from their websites, which is good to prevent buying a fake or other ways being scammed.

    Charging 400$ to 850 for custom gear, Grant Worldwide is premium when it comes to cost, but like Winning are industry leading in quality.


    Even pro fighters who makes millions of dollars and travel the world fighting have a 16 oz. boxing gloves with them as their only boxing glove, probably. What are the best boxing gloves for beginners? 16 oz. boxing gloves that protect your hands, are durable, and have the best price. A glove that uses only the best materials and stands on one design, like Winning Brand, Grant Worldwide, and King of Sparring. Link To King of Sparring Homepage

    King of Sparring are the best boxing glove's for beginners. 

    Making boxing gloves that have little to no hand protection, being held together with cheap materials, and the same designs like everyone else just wasn't our goal. We want these gloves to be passed down to your grandkids. 

    Thanks for reading and good luck on your training. Have a blessed day.