What are the best boxing gloves for beginners?

What are the best boxing gloves for beginners?

What Are The Best Boxing Gloves For Beginner Boxers?


So everyone gets into boxing because they want to learn how to really fight. Like really fight.


Boxing is the most popular martial art in the world and for good reason. The skills you learn in boxing are used to cause serious harm so it is best to be as careful as possible while training.


The boxing gloves you use for learning how to fight or training need to protect your hands so you can throw any punch confidently, whether they are designed for a professional fighter or someone new to the sport.

The standards of equipment should be the same. A great pair of boxing gloves needs to protect your hands comfortably while throwing any punch on the bag or to an opponent. They even need to protect when blocking punches.




The King of Sparring 16 oz boxing glove



We Made A List



We made a list of the best boxing gloves for beginners in the 100-200$ price range.

Boxing gloves should last a long time for someone boxing a few times a week.

Based on what we know, the cost of boxing gloves does depend on materials used.

The highest quality materials are genuine cowhide leather; a thick, gritty texture. The stuffing at the highest level of boxing is latex mold foam. Horse hair is very popular stuffing material, expensive and normally not sanctioned at the professional level.

The standard glove used in most boxing gyms would be a genuine leather material, with latex mold foam. Some gloves use vented materials and a type of cushion foam that is just not up to standard.

For the longest use, most durable gloves are over 100$ and top brands sell gloves at around 500$, like Winning Brand, Grant Boxing Gloves.



What are the best boxing gloves for beginners?


The King of Sparring 16 oz Boxing Gloves

It seems trying to find the best boxing gloves for beginners can be challenging when you're just getting started in the sport and don't how much a good equipment costs or what it's made of.


What are the best boxing gloves for beginners? 



what are the best boxing gloves for beginners



Here's an article about the the difference's between bag gloves and sparring gloves


The King of Sparring glove shape is inspired by a very classic design. We made the glove wide and box shaped. The width helps block punches while also having a very flat knuckle surface.

Our focus has been on creating adequate protective features for our customers, WORLD CLASS LEVEL BOXERS MOSTLY, but fighters in general.

The King of Sparring boxing glove has the best safety measures to protect your hands than any other boxing or sparring glove on the market, but stays within a reasonable 100-150$ price range.

 The grip bar piping that you make a fist around is a harder piece than other gloves at 150$. This feature is seen on 500$ gloves like Winning Brand.

Laces and strap, so boxers can get an extra snug feel. Extra padding in wrist, thumb, and on palm for increased protections.


"These Gloves Are The Best, Thanks!"


    The King of Sparring gloves are the best boxing gloves for beginners trying to enter the sport and are maybe best for high level boxers.

    The price range that King of Sparring is fairly priced for beginner boxers to give them a try.

    It seems Title Boxing and Everlast make so many boxing gloves that it gets confusing as to which gloves you should purchase. 

    Maybe the most expensive is your best bet?

    Maybe they believe all those gloves can protect your hands equally.

    Boxing glove brands like Winning Brand and Grant Worldwide are too expensive for most people, besides the highest level professional fighters like Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor.

    These companies still only have one design for their boxing glove, in various sizes.

    King of Sparring follows the same model of only making our best glove.

    The laces with the strap up is unlike anything you're gonna find on the market. You can get the gloves more snug than any other boxing glove on the market.


    Title Boxing and Everlast Gloves

    Title boxing gloves, along with Everlast boxing gloves are probably the most popular gloves you will see today. They have many varieties of gloves in all price ranges, meaning they use different quality of material based off what someone is willing to spend.

    Everlast gloves used to be classic back in the day, but their quality of gloves even at their highest price just aren't going to last as long as you want them too.

    Title boxing gloves actually have a quality sister company on their website called Fighting brand. These gloves in the 100$ price range are actually very good gloves. Same thing as Everlast though, Title boxing gloves just don't last long enough.

    Does having to replace equipment you've already bought sound like the best boxing glove for a beginner or experienced boxer?


    Winning Brand 16 oz. boxing glove


    Winning Brand is highest touted and most worn boxing glove by most world class level professional boxers for training purposes in sparring. 



    Finding a pair of 16 oz. (size used for sparring or live situational training) pair of Winning Brand gloves is from experience, very difficult. Manufactured in Japan, these gloves can cost 500$ to purchase.

    Good protection on the knuckle and innovation in the thumb protection is one of a kind, but at that price they aren't made for beginners.


      Grant Worldwide Boxing Gloves

      A legendary American boxing glove. These gloves come in the 16 oz. sizes, but usually most seen in competition at 8 or 10 oz. sizes.


      Grant charges 500$+ for their boxing gloves, so not exactly made for novices or beginners.



      What are the best boxing gloves for beginners? 16 oz. boxing gloves for one.

      They need to protect your hands and be durable.

       Link To King of Sparring Homepage

       King of Sparring have the best boxing gloves for beginners. 

      Check them out!


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