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The  King of Sparring Boxing Gloves have 3 Special Features To The Market That Make Them A Must Have.

Competition Level Features:

  • Hard pieced grip bar that you comfortably wrap your fist around in the glove, like Competition Level and Winning Brand Gloves the grip bar maximizes glove and hand durability. 

  • Extra foam padding added under the palm near the thumb and thumb's tip.

  •  Laces with an added strap for additional snug  adding maximum support for extended use.

  • The gloves are handmade out of 100% leather.

  • Pad features and flat knuckle surface for most protective 16 oz. red lace up boxing sparring gloves.

The King of Sparring 16 oz. red lace up boxing sparring gloves.

The products from King of Sparring aim to be the most protective and longest lasting boxing equipment in the world.

Best price compared to other top boxing gloves on the market. I wrote an article: The 16 oz red lace up boxing sparring gloves

The King of Sparring's were made for hard or speed punching, with competition level feel to try and help competitive fighters.

We wanted this boxing glove to teach you to keep your hands up, by having thick layer of protection on the back of your hand, flat, you will want to use the gloves to defend punches. This feature doesn't negate punch force on your opponent more than the industries standard, so you will still get the needed benefit.

The hard piece grip bar you make a fist around should be a standard in boxing gloves.

A great feature that you won't forget, the gloves always feel new.

With additional padding throughout wrist area, the lace up with strap feature gives a support and firmness you wouldn't believe.

You need ultimate protection in boxing gloves.

Boxers are the most lethal fighters on earth, where they can knock you out with one blow to the head. Train and be safe. 

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